Expand Your WiFi Coverage to Every Corner in Your Home
Powerful WiFi Extender to Get You Full Bar Signal
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Extraordinary Performance
It performed incredibly well in our range tests. The extender stayed connected to a mobile device at a longer distance than any other extender that we tested.
Easy to Connect
It was also easier to connect to our current router than most of the extenders in our review, does not require an app for mobile devices, and is one of the easier devices to set up.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Return the product to us if you don't want it or you are not satisfied with it or you just no longer need it.
Quick Delivery
Delivered straight to your home. Shipping may take as short as 3 days!
What makes Full Bar Signal such a powerful WiFi Extender!
The next-gen Full Bar Signal has improved upon the previous model in so many ways. They listened to consumer feedback and delivered an even more effective product. This is the WiFi extender you’ve been waiting for!
Extended Wireless Coverage
The WiFi repeater equipped with 2 high gain external antenna, which improve the reach of your existing Wi-Fi coverage, extend wireless signal to about 10 meters!
Fast WiFi Speed - Dual Band High Speed(2.4G & 5G)
Full bar signal booster come with dual band technology (2.4GHz - 300Mbps / 5GHz - 867Mbps), which minimizes data loss. 360 degree high-speed connection for happy Surfing HD video and online game. Everyone can enjoy HD video, transfer large digital files and move data along at blazing fast speeds.
Universal Compatibility
Suitable for most routers or gateway on the market. Support extending to any devices like ios, android devices, samsung devices, echo/alexa devices, PCs, playstation, smart plugs and so much more.
Simple to Setup
You can get the extender started in working mode within 5 seconds, how easy it is! you can follow the manual to set up the repeater.
Customer questions & answers

Question: Does it work if plugged into an outlet in a shop in the yard?
Answer: YES! But the quality of the signal and the connection speed is dependent on the distance from your main router and obstacles and radio interference on the way.

Question: does it have an Ethernet port , Does it come with an ethernet cable? Can you use the ethernet port to plug something in
Answer: Yes and Yes. It does have an ethernet port and extender came with the ethernet cable. You can connect the extender to your device with an Ethernet cable, also it could be work without an internet router, in “router mode”. Mainly I use the ethernet port when playing Playstation and box, Roku / Fire stick tv streaming, this way eliminates buffering or lagging, it has worked extremely well!

Question: will this increase my wifi speed or expend my coverage?
Answer: It will expend coverage. So let's say you have a modem with 100mbs speed and downstairs you can only get 10mbs by using this you will get more than 10mbs downstairs.

Average Rating
Charles Sessions – Portland, OR
I needed to extend our wi-fi network to hit some stuff in the back yard of our rowhome. This little box gave us the 50 feet we needed to connect. Our router and this extender are both in the unfinished basement about 85ft apart.
Do you recommend this product? Yes No
Maechel J. – Los Angeles, CA
I would definitely recommend this. I purchased a much more expensive extender that promised so much more than this one (that my son told me I should get). This one was super easy to link with all the computers and I now have full reception in areas where I had no or very little reception with the more expensive one. It is well worth the small amount it cost.
Do you recommend this product? Yes No
Gary E.–barbara carpenter
Easy to use and it upgraded my coverage by about double. I was having range issues and this solved my problem . All I had to do was plug it in and press a couple of buttons to complete the process.I tested it with my laptop, and the signal is now Quadruple as strong. (4 bars vs 1), the speed I get from my router has been increase by 1,100%. (5 mbps vs 55 mbps)
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